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Here’s what I do:

I write and direct films


Here's a small blurb about me:

I'm an Australian Writer and Director living in Portland, Oregon. I fell into filmmaking accidentally. And am grateful for it. It is my instrument to the grand orchestra of life you and I are dancing to. And it also pays the bills which is pretty cool. 


Here are some clients I’ve worked with: 

Facebook, Nike, Lyft, Oregon Beavers, Portland Timbers, Marmoset, Push x Pull Coffee


Here are some artists/bands I’ve worked with: 

Rogue Wave, Blitzen Trapper, Frankie Simone, Y La Bamba, Ohana Bam, Matthew Logan Vasquez (from Delta Spirit), Bryan John Appleby, Jose Medeles (from The Breeders), Ural Thomas and the Pain, Sol Rising, Magic Sword, Munnycat


Here are some cool places my work has been featured in:

Billboard, Paste Magazine, Portland Monthly Magazine, OPB, Red Bull, Uncrate, Portland Mercury, Design Sponge, Fubiz, Swiss Miss


Here are some words I wrote about myself:

People usually ask what part of England I'm from. I reply, "Australia". Because that's where I'm from. I was born in Sydney and grew up in Brisbane. Sometime after that I lost my way in the desert and eventually found my way out. Today I live in Portland, Oregon amongst the tall trees and wayward comrades. I try my best to enjoy life with my wife and golden retriever, Hank. We spend our days learning how to have fun.

Aside from making films and writing stuff down, I play drums, eat chips and salsa whenever possible, enjoy scotch a little too much, and suffer intense mood swings because of Manchester United.

Lastly, there are a few things I treasure more than people truly being themselves: vulnerable, naked, exposing insecurities. That is a human, truly living life. Also, I once ran a mile.


Here’s how you can contact me or send me a joke or answer the question on my homepage:

joshbrine at gmail dot com


This is a photo of me:


This is another photo of me:

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