Stuff I remembered to write down...

Stuff I remembered to write down...


I marvel at the pioneer.

How the name gained meaning; how she began her journey.

Was it a choice? Was it only a matter of time? 

A longing that needed to be filled?

Were plans in motion, or did her steps obey her heart?


I wonder

What did she find? 

The first sight 

The first step

The flutter of butterflies as nature paused.


What did she feel?

The deep breath

The smile that broke the silence 

For the time had come


How did it taste to become? 

To capture? 

To embark and unearth? 

To be utterly human?


What was it like to roam freely?

Like the birds that swim through the layers of light

Painting new life; chasing curiosity


What was it like to seek beauty more than self?

Like the untamed seas grasping for land

Fighting to be closer. Crashing just to feel 


How did it feel to reach the end?

Like the clouds that rest upon the hills like blankets

Settling into bed. Reciting their days.


I wonder, did she still dream? Did she still search? Was the hunt still on? 

Did passion still hold her? Did she still bear the heart of a child; one at play, seeking the ends of imagination, discovering the depths of the heart?

Or had she finally arrived? 


Perhaps, just perhaps,

Her quest was complete

And to be lost

Was always found.

WorkJosh Brine